All of our church engagements have been cancelled or postponed until further notice.   Thank you for your understanding.

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Bro Javion Cobb                           9
Sis Jaia Cobb                                 11
Bro David Hannah                     15   
Sis Tai Jackson                             17 
Bro Lonnie Gallaway                18       
Bro Jon Hull                                20
Sis Janae Snipes                         21
Sis Alexia Williams                  23
Sis Tinnie Pettaway                 27



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Happy Thanksgiving!


Praying Hands

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Mother Perryman
Harris Family
Sister Richardson
Brother Perryman
The Woods Family
Deacon R L Lewis
Deacon C T Johnson
Sister Walker

*All the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and working on foreign soil*